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  1. Breedable Bundle Gender: Female Coat: White Icelandic Eye: Wind Element Mane: Normal Tail: Long Wild Hair: Berry Blue Crazed Coat Dapple Percheron Horn Style: Unicorn Horn Color: Sapphire Dazzle 27f0afbf-911c-dd46-b2ae-7c59ffac105a
  2. Coat: Black Andalusian Eye: Diamond Mane: Long Tail: Long Coat Gleam High Wild Hair: Sojourn Gold c1d36083-47a5-146a-f4c4-0ece64362ed8
  3. Coat: Red Icelandic Eye: Doublemint Mane: Long Tail: Long Wild Hair: Brown Amaretto Saddlebred 1c26c4fd-067b-9c11-551b-78ae17ee0b2c
  4. #10 Breeder's Name: tris (mrshellershanks) Type of Breedable: Horse Name of the project: Replicant
  5. [01:45:30] Teke Honey PhxBril L/L CO Nifl Kly F: Teke Honey PhxBril L/L CO Nifl Kly F Gender: Female Coat: Akhal-Teke Honey Eye: Phoenix Brilliant Mane: Long Tail: Long Coat Opal Wild Hair: Niflheim Saddle Style: Racing Saddle Color: Kelly 20fb82f3-c148-e085-269c-df23d988bdae
  6. Coat: Grey Amaretto Saddlebred Eye: Ruby Mane: Roach Tail: Long Coat Luster Low Wild Hair: Comeback Lipizzan - Amaretto Red 8021bca6-f3ec-fe4f-2a2e-e8429896a498
  7. Coat: Golden Rabicano Eye: Mystic Galaxy Mane: Long Tail: Long Hair Gleam Low Wild Hair: Nidavellir cf0804d4-75f9-6fcd-2f1d-b6c7274ece52
  8. Coat: White Piebald Eye: Persimmon Mane: Long Tail: Normal Hair Gleam High Ear Style Null Wild Hair: Red Piebald 0ccde4f0-60d1-51e1-1fd0-f1bcf4d064f9
  9. FEm/blackexmorewhjucygrap/up/L2xpurp Gender: Female Coat: Black Exmoor Pony Eye: Plum Mane: Upright Tail: Long Coat Luster Null Wild Hair: Juicy Grape Crazed Coat Pinto 713bcf72-0d3c-9961-25e6-c9d9e79e6f1d
  10. Gender: Male Coat: Heavenly Fortitude Eye: Be Mine Mane: Long Tail: Long Coat Gleam High Hair Gleam High Coat Luster Low Coat Opal Null Peace Branding Wild Hair: 2016 A.R.U. Graduation - Tribute Wing Style: Pegasus Wing Color: Firecracker 042eb544-8be1-fe23-0789-1e6bb24b209a
  11. Gender: Female Coat: Brown Spotted Rocky Mountain Eye: Marigold Opal Mane: Long Tail: Long Hair Gleam Low Hoof Tangerine Wild Hair: Heavenly Fortitude 4d9ec76b-b4b1-25b5-86ba-d1a4195a7d0e
  12. Gender: Female Coat: White Walker Eye: Wind Element Mane: Long Tail: Long Hair Gleam Low Coat Gloom Skull Branding Socks Green Wild Hair: Black Pinto 9d496b08-e0ff-3b2e-18da-3f9ff559d966
  13. Gender: Female Coat: Limited Edition Give Thanks 2013 - Mahogany Eye: Fire Element Mane: Long Tail: Long Hair Gleam High Coat Luster Null Beauty Branding Wild Hair: Fright Night- Shock 3adb2bc2-fc55-245c-992f-eb058733b467
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