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Bastian Hax

Amaretto Ticket Support

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Hey Everyone!

Amaretto Ticket Support can be accessed here: http://support.amarettobreedables.com/index.php

Amaretto will do their best to help you solve your issues.

Common issues are:

Duplicated Items (food, consumables, animals, etc - anything with red duplicated text on top of it).

Transaction Issues - You bought something from a vendor but didn't receive it or accidentally declined it.

General help with breeding, aka issues pairing, animals not eating etc.

Lost animals or consumables - sometimes regions(sims) on Second Life can roll back causing animals or consumables you put down to simply vanish - It's important to keep track of your animals so that in an event like this Amaretto can help you out.

These are just some of the issues you can file a ticket for, If in doubt just file one... The Amaretto CSR's are always willing to help!

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