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Bastian Hax

[COMMUNITY ALERT] - Disruptive Alts/People Visiting Auctions [23/05/2019]

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Hey guys!

I just wanted to give you all an advanced warning - specifically market/auction house owners.

There is a person/group of people (potentially alts) visiting Amaretto based auctions with the intent to disrupt those auctions and talk badly about Amaretto due to them being unable to understand, or are unwilling to understand being told that they are not allowed to use bundles that were previously owned by a banned avatar (bundles owned by a banned avatar are voided, as are horses and can't be rezzed or passed to other avatars).  The likelihood of someone passing such items to another avatar would suggest that they are likely alts of the original banned account which would also explain the continued disruptive behaviour towards Amaretto.

I will not be placing actual names out there, but if you are at auctions and see behaviour that is disruptive or nasty towards Amaretto I would highly suggest taking action to remove them from your sim to prevent further issues as quickly as possible as these people/person are only out to cause issues within the community.

Amaretto only bans users in circumstances where the end user has either become extremely abusive or has tampered with the products themselves with ill intent.

Stay vigilant!


~ TAF Staff.

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