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Bastian Hax

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What our website offers:

-  FREE advert posting for anyone, no cost involved.

-  Post multiple items in 1 advert. Example: 100 bundles set at XL$ in 1 advert. Or a set of LE's, or a set of the same coats you are selling, etc.

-  Post WANTED, TRADE or STUD SERVICE adverts. If you are looking for something to buy post a wanted advert & if you are looking at exchanging an animal with someone then post an exchange advert. You may also post studding adverts.

-  An extremely simple submission procedure to post adverts for ANY Amaretto animal. You do not need to buy anything extra to do this (kiosks or such).

-  Control over all of your adverts.

-  "Make an offer" feature on the site - You can enable this when you are creating your advert - it allows other members to make you an offer.

-  Ask questions to the advertiser via the message system.

-  Robust reporting system - If you see something that isn't correct between the in-world item and the item listed on the site (example, an animal priced at 3000L$ on the website and you teleport to it in-world and it's set for 10,000L$ - aka false advertising).

- The search system is very broad - if you input things you are looking for that you might see in stats, it will match every listing that contains those words. 

- A support system if you have an issue with a buyer/seller we can look into this provided that all communications are made via our website.

- Adverts have a duration, so you will generally not find listings from years ago, this should keep market pricing more reliable. - Adverts can be easily renewed near the end of their duration.

- FREE picture uploading for your adverts - Rather than paying 10L to Linden Labs to upload an image to use in your advert (on other platforms), just save to your hard drive and upload to the site free! - Up 3 pictures per live animal advert.

- You can create your own online store! - Once you sign up, go to your profile page, click "edit profile" (it's in the top right-hand corner of your cover picture), then under the member store tab, click "enable my store" and name your store! (click here for more help) - To access your store, after you post an advert there will be a "store" icon next to your name on the advert, click that to get to your store & keep your store link handy so you can share what you have for sale!

- After you have sold your breedable you do need to "complete" the advert for it to be removed from the listing. This is why you should choose your listing time wisely, if you think it will sell within 3 days, use the 3 day duration as by the time it's been sold the advert will likely expire anyway and be removed from the system. As we add more features over time this feature will allow us to offer a "feedback" system which will let buyers reward good sellers. Everyone wants to buy from good sellers, right?.

- A trading feedback system that means you can leave feedback to a seller or buyer after a purchase (optional). It's good to have a good selling reputation.

Customers usually like to buy from reliable sellers/buyers.

Good luck!, if you have any questions feel free to message myself @Bastian Hax or file a support request under the support tab at the top of the website.

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