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Bastian Hax

Happy Mothers Day Editions 2019! - Go Grab Em!

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Amaretto has released these awesome beauties! - go grab them while you can... breed them to any for a chance at surprises... remember these are NEW LE's from 6.01 so you get a chance at starter goodies AND a special trait(s) chance too!

MothersDay LE 2019.png

From The Official Amaretto Connection:



Hey everyone did you know that mothers day is just around the corner? Well it is and I am here to remind you all to do something special for all the mothers you have in your life!

Amaretto wanted to do something special to celebrate all the Moms in our community! Thats right from today May 7th, until May 18th we are selling 2019 Mothers Day Edition Animals! You can pick these up at any Amaretto location!

You may purchase these 2019 Mothers Day Editions in a double or single pack. You do NOT have to breed these 2019 Mothers Day Editions together to get a chance at a sweet surprise!


The Eyes Happy Mothers Day Fuchsia and Happy Mothers Day Lilac DO have the ability to pass as well as the Mom Collars!

These are soooo cute I cant wait to see these out in the market!

I want to dedicate this poem to all the mothers we have in the Amaretto Community!

What “Mother” Means

“Mother” is such a simple word,
But to me there’s meaning seldom heard.
For everything I am today,
My mother’s love showed me the way.

I’ll love my mother all my days,
For enriching my life in so many ways.
She set me straight and then set me free,
And that’s what the word “mother” means to me.

Happy breeding everyone this is Ava over and out!



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