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7th Annual AMOC Beauty Contest

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You are so beautiful to me…………

It's time again for our AMOC Beauty Contest!! So start breeding your beautiful horses, k-9s, barnyard birds (chickens/ducks) & ponies and then enter for your chance at winning Amaretto prizes. We will have a winner in each breedable category (horses, k-9s, barnyard birds, ponies). Remember you cannot enter an LE, SE, CE or DE as they are Amaretto creations.

The setup for the contest will take place on the 3rd-4th of July and the contest will start on Friday, July 5th at 10AM (SLT) and end on Sunday,  July 7th at 10AM (SLT).

Entries are limited to 15. So why are you hesitating? Apply now and join in the fun!!

Landmark to the event will be released closer to the setup date.

Once you are logged in – post reply and copy/paste the appropriate info for your entry.

Horse Application:

Breeder Name:

Name of the horse or project:


K9 Application:

Breeder Name:

Name of the k9 or project:


Barnyard Bird Application: (Includes Chickens & Ducks)

Breeder Name:

Name of the bird/duck or project:


Ponie Pal Application:

Breeder Name:

Name of the ponie or project:

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