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    Horses (K9s and birds too)

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    Design, building, breeding and breathing... and did I say building?
  1. Time Left: 20 days and 1 hour

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    Horses for Sale! Come by and see us! Various Glitch Horses for Sale * From the Notorious " GLITCH DAY " ~ *Warning* this glitch does not pass and being sold as a "One of a Kind GLITch Horse" for collectors and breeders alike. You are welcome to see them here~ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Gandvik/219/116/21 MORE THAN ONE AVAILABLE MALE AND FEMALE ~ Please Submit Reasonable Value offers ~ to Draelle Chandler if Interested


  2. #15 Breeder's Name: Draelle Chandler Type of Breedable: Horse (Horse/K9/Chicken/Duck/Ponie) Name of the project: The Crows Nest
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