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    The bewitching hour is upon us again! That means it's time to get ready for the 10th Annual AMOC Halloweenies Contest! Amaze us or scare us by showing off your Autumn or Halloween themed creations. Entries are open to all Amaretto Breedables (except LE, SE, CE & DE). Set up will be Wednesday, October 23th & Thursday, October 24th. The contest will run from Friday, October 25th at 10AM (SLT) thru Sunday, October 27th at 10AM (SLT). As always, you have a chance to win some awesome Amaretto goodies! Entries are limited to 15. So, sign up NOW! To sign-up: * Copy the information below * Paste it into the ‘reply to’ area at the bottom of this page * Fill in the necessary information * Click submit! Breeder's Name: Type of Breedable: (Horse/K9/Chicken/Duck/Ponie) Name of the project:
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    I got a Craved Rainbow Striped Painted Ebony the other day and a Craved Rainbow Striped Painted Gold today!
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    #1 Horse Application: Breeder Name: pizazz/vicki Name of the horse or project: dark fantasies
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    Coat: Gulblakk Norwegian WTG Logan Weder
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