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    2019 OOAK Rune Erinite 2019 OOAK Rune Indicolite 2019 OOAK Rune Tanzanite 2019 OOAK Rune Citrine 2019 OOAK Rune Fuchsia 2019 OOAK Rune Siam You can get a normal non-OOAK version of these runes horses by breeding any runes eyes together, here are the runes eyes: https://horse.amaretto.wiki/index.php?title=Runes_Eyes
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    Coat: Amaretto's 9th Year - Sleipnir Eye: Amaretto's 9th Year - Sleipnir WTG ѕнαυи ℬαявαѕz (shaun82) @shaun82 Resident Style: Amaretto's 9th Year - Valhalla Eye: Amaretto's 9th Year - Valhalla WTG Nero! (moxlox) @Nero Coat: Amaretto's 9th Year - Fenrir Eye: Amaretto's 9th Year - Fenrir Collar: Amaretto's 9th Year - Fenrir Wtg Lamia Starspear! @Lamia
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    Super lucky... All these white traits with a star eye and a star butt.. 10T
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    Craved Speckled White Andalusian
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