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Reptile Wild Hairs

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Wild Hair Rules

Here you can find & submit pictures of your own wild hairs!

If you have a wild hair you want to post, please ensure there is not any other same wild hairs already posted, you can do this by searching the name of the wild hair in the search bar function at the top right of the website (under your profile).

When submitting your wild hair, please use the text of the wild hair (from the text stats in world) as the Title of the post. This makes it easier to search the wild hair in future.

Ensure the picture is clear, preferably against a white or black background. Also the aspect ratio of the picture should be rectangular and not "squished".

Wild Hairs should be "clean", No hues, luster or gleams. Pictures should also be taken through the viewer (its free to save pictures to computer, so this wont cost you any lindens, this automatically removes the text of the horse), if you wish to use an image programme like Gyazo, please make sure your horse text is off.

All wild hair submissions will be reviewed to make sure they meet these standards before being posted!

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