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TAC Amaretto K9 Auto Feeder V1.0

   (0 reviews)

TAC Amaretto K9 Auto Feeder V1.0

   (0 reviews)

399.00 L$s

  • Price 399.00 L$s
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A simple feeder for your Amaretto K9s, no fancy stuff - A feeder for feeding!

This product supports Amaretto K9 Foods - Breedable & Pet, It also supports Chew Toys. No other consumables are supported.

Very simple and easy to set up via the instructions in the box:

"No frills feeding!

To get started:

1) Rez your "server" out, let it load and then and fill it with your consumable food by editing the server and dragging the food into its contents. - 1 server per sim. 
2) Rez your "plate" out where you want the food to rez. 
3) Click the plate to activate it and then click it again to bring up the plate menu. 
4) Click on the food options that you want the plate to rez, you will receive a message in local whether it is on or off, when it says ON it will rez this food whenever there are any in the server. 
5) Rez out as many plates as you need and follow the plate steps above.

That is you all set up!"

If you have any questions about this product please contact Bastian Hax!

Buy HERE: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/TAC-Amaretto-K9-Auto-Feeder-V10/15734817


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