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New TAF Sign 2021 + Whats New!?

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Hey Everyone!

There is lots of new things happening in regards to TAF!

The Mystical Amaretto Family is no more... why, you ask?

Well the Mystical Creatures are releasing on the 15th of September and I thought it would be better if they had their own community/site as a lot of the breeders will only be doing dragons and not Amaretto, thus it makes sense to separate the entities.

So the domain https://www.themysticalamarettofamily.com is no longer a valid domain.

The Amaretto Family is now just https://www.theamarettofamily.com and for dragon related news we now have https://www.themysticalfamily.com

Check them out!

We have 2 new signs for TAF (and TMF)  which you can buy at our in-world store: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Serena Caspian Isle/220/224/1501


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