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[IMPORTANT READ FOR AUCTION HOUSE OWNERS] - NEW Application form for Auction Schedule

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Hey Everyone!

Just wanted to give a little update on the procedure to apply to join the schedule and also the rules/guidelines around what those are as well as talk about why we have these rules and guidelines in the first place.

On the old schedule we had a set of principles that we asked places to agree to when applying, these were things like:
- Agreeing to stay positive and promote the community.
- No negativity and drama such as dissing other markets or people, or talk badly about Amaretto.

These principles were in place because auction houses have been historically very competitive and that has led some people to talk negatively about other houses or markets as well as about individuals. These guidelines will remain in place for this websites new schedule.

While it is true marketplaces and auction houses are vying for renters and customers it is never acceptable to create a toxic atmosphere over those things. We need many marketplaces and auction houses to create a healthy and fun community and in my personal opinion we should be helping each other out as much as we can and also keep healthy relationships between the markets and auction houses.

Over the last few days it has come to my attention that there are certain groups of people out there pushing this type of negative agenda about not only marketplaces or auction houses but individual people. It is never ok to diss other people for entertainment at auctions or in groups because you do not like that a certain place has won a specific community award or that you do not like how someone else is running their own sim or market or even talk badly about the breedable company or its employees, we all enjoy and are actually here in the first place because of those specific animals. It is fine not to like a specific design or that you are not a fan of, (personal preference is a thing), but to diss the staff etc is not a positive look for the community. Similarly, it is not ok to bully other breeders because they have visited another auction house that you do not like or do not like who the owner is etc. These are almost teenage like behaviours stemming from jealousy and hatred.

Why am I saying this? - Well there are places on our schedule right now doing this and I am putting this out as a warning to those places that they will be removed if this narrative continues. Breeders are here to enjoy breeding, to enjoy selling and buying. Most are not here to get caught up in petty drama. I will not have my schedule send some new breeder to a location that disses Amaretto, or disses other places because that's not a positive look and that's not how we keep breeders in breeding, that's how breeders end up leaving because they don't like to get caught up in drama and end up upset. So PLEASE, here is your chance, if you have seen this type of behaviour, please ignore it and if you have even taken part it in it, I am asking you to stop. I will give it a couple of weeks before I decide if I need to remove locations or not. I am trying to keep the community together, not separate it especially ahead of the dragons releasing.

With all that said and done, here is the new link to apply to our new schedule:

If you are already on the schedule you do not need to re-apply.

PLEASE stay positive, positivity results in better outcomes.


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